Basel Group

Wealth Preservation

Our wealth preservation services provide individuals and their families with a wide range of benefits including generational estate planning, probate avoidance, creditor protection, tax planning, asset management services and legal and accounting support. A number of different vehicles can be used including trusts and companies (both onshore and offshore), partnerships, foundations, wills as well as financial and investment products.

The independence and expertise of the Basel Group has earned it an enviable reputation for managing the varied and often demanding needs of wealthy individuals by using a full range of international structures in the most tax efficient way possible.

We will help you navigate the complex area of financial planning and asset protection and, where we do not provide a particular service ourselves, we will employ the services of our trusted third party advisers, all of whom are pre-eminent in their respective fields.  This will ensure that a fully coordinated and integrated service is delivered to you to ensure the proper management and protection of your family’s wealth for generations to come.