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Our Locations: Geneva

The city of Geneva is the capital of the Canton of Geneva which is small, at only 282 square kilometres, and is largely isolated from the rest of Switzerland. Of its 107.5 kilometre frontier 103 kilometres border France and only 4.5 kilometres actually connect it to the rest of Switzerland. Despite its isolation Geneva has an international airport with direct flights to most of the European capitals. Paris and Milan are only an hour away by plane and London, Rome and Madrid can be reached in less than two hours.

The Canton of Geneva has a population of 450,000 with some 185,000 people living in the city of Geneva itself. The Canton has a higher percentage of foreigners living in it than in any other Canton with some 45% of the population classed as foreigners. Part of the reason for this is that Geneva is home to the headquarters of a large number of international corporations and organisations including the International Red Cross, the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations and CERN where the World Wide Web was born.

Geneva is also a financial centre of international significance with many Swiss and international private banks located there.