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Welcome to The Basel Group.

Big enough to be independent
Small enough to be flexible

The Group is independently owned by its highly experienced key executives, resident in either Jersey or Switzerland. This independence allows for flexibility as well as for fast and effective decision making. Your proposals and requirements will thus be carefully yet quickly considered. 

Our professional skills encompass trust, accountancy, law, e-commerce, IT and banking. Indeed a number of our directors have been board members of major financial institutions in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. By combining these professional skills in a unique way, and making use of our international locations, we are able to offer a bespoke service to fulfil your specific requirements in a cost effective and flexible way.

Our independence and experience means that we are happy to work with any high quality financial institution and we are comfortable when dealing with most asset classes including investment, trading, intellectual property, real estate, aeroplane owning, ship owning and fulfilment companies. 

We manage and protect assets worldwide. Our products and services include family estate planning structures, probate avoidance arrangements and creditor protection trusts, as well as structures established to properly minimise the imposition of foreign taxes. The Basel Group is also pre-eminent in the fields of e-commerce, intellectual property and escrow services.

Our clients’ assets are safeguarded due to the fiduciary nature of our business. Client assets do not belong to the Basel Group and are thus not reflected on the Group’s balance sheet. We are guardians of those assets rather than the owners. Additional security is provided as the Group is required to meet capital adequacy demands imposed by regulators and to maintain significant professional indemnity insurance levels.

The key subsidiaries are fully licensed and regulated by the relevant financial services authorities and comply with all applicable statutory requirements in the jurisdictions in which they are based.

Please note that Basel Trust Corporation is not a bank or investment management organisation

The Basel Group’s operating companies within Jersey, Basel Trust Corporation (Channel Islands) Limited and its affiliates, are regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.