Do you communicate using email?  If so, do you realize that sending an unencrypted email is like sending an open postcard?

A variety of techniques exist to identify, extract and modify the contents of messages transmitted via the internet.  Tools are available that allow identity thieves, government agencies, investigators, hackers and snoopers to intercept emails, read and alter their contents before sending them to their original destination

Did you know that new surveillance legislation designed to help in the fight against terrorism and organised crime has been enacted in many countries?  This type of legislation typically grants governments extensive powers to automatically store all email traffic and subsequently examine the stored information.  For example, there is a requirement in the UK that Internet Service Providers (“ISP’s) store a record of email communications for a number of years and that any relatively junior officer, in practically any government department, may be authorised to receive a list of recipients of any particular citizen’s email correspondence.

Privacy Professional is a patented secure encryption engine that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.  It is one of the most secure web-mail systems.  It enables encrypted messages and attachments to be sent to recipients who have also signed up to Privacy Professional.  The message remains safely encrypted until the recipient opens the message and authenticates it.  The email is then decrypted.  Thus, by using Privacy Professional, the message and its attachments are never stored in plain text when travelling between the sender and the recipient.  With the use of a passphrase, Privacy Professional can be used easily almost anywhere in the world

Privacy Professional ensures the:-

We strongly urge you to sign up to this service and, with a one-off set up charge of £100 and annual fees at just £50 a quarter, we believe it represents excellent value for money.