Basel Escrow Services Limited, an Escrow Agent licensed and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

An Escrow Agent is required where two parties agree to a transaction but wish to use a neutral and independent third party (an Escrow Agent) to ensure that the terms of the transaction are strictly adhered to and that funds are released only upon fulfilment of the conditions of the transaction.

A simple example would be where a buyer agrees to buy a plot of land only upon the understanding that the land is first granted the required planning permission. The buyer wishes to make sure that the land is conveyed to him only with the benefit of the planning permission and the seller wishes to ensure that the sale proceeds are freely available to him as soon as planning permission has been granted. In these circumstances the Escrow Agent would hold the buyer’s purchase monies pending receipt of the required planning permission and would ensure that those funds are handed over to the vendor immediately upon receipt of the planning permission.

Escrow Agents are used in a large number of financial transactions as well as in any number of other situations where a neutral party is needed to act as an honest broker between two contracting parties.

Basel Escrow Services Limited has significant experience in acting as an Escrow Agent for internet payment processors by acting as a neutral party to hold credit card reserves for internet merchants (funds held as security against chargeback’s etc.).

The benefits of using Basel Escrow Services Limited are as follows:

  1. an experienced, friendly and efficient team acting as an Escrow Agent to a wide variety of international financial transactions.
  2. fully licensed and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.
  3. managed and controlled from within the neutral tax environment of Jersey in the British Channel Islands.
  4. the established state of the art software required to provide escrow services in a complex and high volume financial environment.
  5. independence and willingness to work with any good quality financial institution.
  6. total access to the extremely sophisticated infrastructure of the Jersey financial services market.
  7. easy communication and travel between Jersey and London and the same time Zone as London.