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A Basic Guide to Offshore Web-Sites

Offshore websites may have some unique advantages in selling low value goods (UK GBP 18 or Euros 22) into the European Union. The Basel Trust Corporation Group has extensive experience, in assisting online merchants in setting up and managing, such offshore web sites in the British Channel Islands, which are constitutionally outside the EU.

As noted above, with careful planning, businesses may be able to identify certain aspects of their activities that are better placed in offshore web sites so as to maximise their financial advantage. This typically involves segregation of certain marketing or operational functions, to be run under the umbrella of an offshore trading company. The effects of re-engineering a business model ,or setting up a new business, in this way can lead to dramatic changes in overall profitability.These advantages can include, but are not limited to, the elimination or reduction of Value Added Taxes ( or sales taxes) Corporate taxes,and Capital Gains Tax. There could be other advantages in the area of confidentiality, marketing, regulation etc.

Often, even if the financial and other benefits are self-evident, many companies ignore this opportunity. Typical issues of concern include:

The British Channel Islands (which comprise the two administrative areas of Jersey and Guernsey) are ideally suited to deal with all of these issues. The islands have been highly regarded international finance centres for over forty years and, as such, have developed a sizeable local industry devoted to the provision of company administration and other more general banking and financial services.

Considerable experience, is available via a well established network of long established legal and accountancy firms (including the “big four”). In addition to the wide range of banking and financial services generally available the Island’s have made very significant investments in providing secure world-class telecoms and web-hosting facilities. The growth of this type of business has resulted in the development of very sophisticated fulfilment services including front-end call centre enquiries, through to back-end fulfilment, including the sending out of products to customers, and dealing with returns and enquiries etc. As a result Jersey and Guernsey are now recognised as examples of leading offshore e-Business centre in the world.

To help provide clients with all of the components necessary to meet all of their offshore needs we have created an alliance between key partners and we are happy to help you to quickly establish whether an offshore structure might benefit your corporation. The expertise covers company incorporation and operation, access to a legal and tax network of over 150 professionals, fulfilment and call centre services, payment solutions and technology issues including a world-class data centre.

This document is a brief guide to subject matter covered, and is not intended to be a detailed or comprehensive statement of the law. It should not be treated as legal advice. Clients are urged to take professional legal and other appropriate advice before pursuing any particular course of action. For more detailed information and professional advice on your own situation please contact Michael Blackie, Frank Gee or Julie Coward at Basel Trust Corporation.

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