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PayOffshore was incorporated in Jersey in 1999. It is backed by Jersey Telecom as the main institutional shareholder and provides online credit card processing solutions. Accredited by leading financial institutions as an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) and as a Member Service Provider (MSP), PayOffshore is able to provide online credit and debit card processing services for both local and global merchants within a reliable, secure and tax efficient environment.

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PayOffshore’s technical infrastructure deploys leading edge approved software and computing equipment with diverse communications links to the Internet and financial institutions, providing as close to non-stop computing services as technology allows. From this resilient environment, PayOffshore is assisting a significant number of businesses with their new online payment requirements.

It enables them to achieve and maintain competitive advantage as technological developments challenge existing policies that govern commerce and national boundaries become an artefact of an earlier era.

PayOffshore’s solutions enable merchants and customers alike to benefit from conducting financial transactions across the Internet using the credit card as the default payment mechanism. PayOffshore offers convenience, reliability and accessibility and removes the need for merchants to invest in or maintain and update their own costly infrastructure. These payment solutions consist of the following products and services:

  • Merchant Accounts - Full multi-currency processing and settlement services in all major currencies through a number of financial institutions.
  • Gateway Services - A payment gateway to enable merchants to accept credit and debit card transactions through their existing acquiring bank.
  • Wallet Payment Service - Offering customised credit card processing solutions through a wallet or loyalty scheme.
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