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Offshore fulfilment

Offshore Fulfilment

To take advantage of certain tax structures, any company providing physical goods to the EU must do so from outside of the EU. Whilst any location is possible we can help you consider the range of options available.

The Channel Islands, for example, are well positioned to provide services because of their proximity to the EU and they have a mature postal service that has been developed in response to the needs of the finance industry.

Fulfilment call centre

It is no surprise then that the Channel Islands are already a centre for mail-order fulfilment on a substantial scale. The islands are outside the European Union and enjoy the status of being a Crown Dependency which provides constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence, together with the opportunity to determine their own fiscal strategy, particularly with regard to taxes.

From a logistics point of view the Channel Islands are close to all European markets and offer considerable advantage on the management of VAT. This is especially true for companies outside the EU wishing to ship goods into the EU and companies that are in the EU but are looking to restructure to provide a section of their products and services from outside the EU.


In addition to the obvious benefits of supplying goods under £18, Jersey also provides advantages for companies supplying goods over £18. Close working relationships with customs authorities has enabled provision of a VAT pre-payment scheme and single-point of customs entry to all European markets. Jersey in particular has arrangements with HMCE to collect all taxes due (particularly in the above £18 market) and pay them on behalf of the merchant. This means that merchants can add the tax to the order value at the time a consumer places the order rather than stating that VAT has to be paid by the consignee. Should products be shipped through alternative routes, packages will be held until the VAT and an additional administration fee is paid. The Jersey option is therefore more efficient and less expensive.

To respond to the growing number of companies fulfilling from the Channel Islands a comprehensive range of services are available which include:

  • Automated systems and stock checking
  • Advice on packing and mailing operations
  • Call centres
  • Data management and real-time reporting
  • Delivery on time, backed by service level guarantees
  • Despatch delivery notes with customs declaration
  • Efficient call handling and support
  • Mail sorts
  • Secure cash and database management
  • Sophisticated pick and pack operations
  • Secure storage
  • Track and trace
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