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CyberTax is part of RKG Consulting Limited, a tax consulting firm established in London since 1985. CyberTax specialises in e-business tax solutions for global corporations, governments and SMEs. CyberTax’s clients include international traders, global IT & software services companies, telecoms suppliers, ISPs, on-line retailers, media and entertainment organisations along with other industry sectors.

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The global communications revolution, facilitated by the Internet, has meant that outsourcing of services tends to gravitate to centres of excellence. Jersey is such a centre of excellence possessing the requisite calibre of professionals who can be relied upon to provide the necessary levels of service in demanding areas of international business. CyberTax provides tax-support services in the following areas (amongst many others):

  • VAT-efficient fulfilment of goods from Jersey using the UK’s “Low Value Consignment Relief” provisions;
  • VAT management and compliance for e-commerce and Internet vendors of digital products and services to EU consumers - an expanding market of 450 million potential users;
  • Processing the 8th and 13th EC Directive VAT refund claims on business expenses incurred in the EU;
  • Managing the corporate “tax footprints” of global organisations by “offshore” outsourcing of functions and transactions to Jersey;
  • Planning for tax-efficient hosting and on-line payment solutions provided by Jersey industry leaders such as Foreshore and PayOffshore, avoiding issues of direct tax presence in certain jurisdictions;
  • VAT cash-flow planning and transaction-tax planning in respect of international transactions;
  • Advising on VAT aspects of EU cross-border digital invoicing regulations, VAT distance selling rules and VAT invoicing rules on triangular trade situations;
  • Advising on the VAT implications of EU enlargement - trading with the 10 new Member States; and
  • Tax-efficient investing in international real estate.

CyberTax, working along with other Jersey-based service providers, is your “tax partner” of choice. Let CyberTax deliver tax innovation to sharpen your competitive edge.
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